How Time Flies

I was just looking over the first posts I’d made on this blog to see how things have changed: health, outlook, emotional stability, and BoB’s progress. It’s actually pretty shocking.


17th July 2007: Week 9 Update: BOB weighs about 2 grams, and is between 2-2.5 centimetres (not even a full inch) long. This may seem tiny, but around Sunday, the little bugger can start peeing inside of me.


3rd January 2008: Week 33(+2) Update: BoB weighs about 4.75 pounds and is approximately 18 inches tall. His/Her central nervous system is still maturing. Only 47 days to go!

In July there were still 217 days of preparation left. BoB is now approximately 18 inches taller than 6 months ago and a whole hell of a lot heavier. Sometimes I am so preoccupied by the journey that I’ve been on through all of this (and the fact that I am nowhere near ready for the arrival) that I forget how small the changes to me have been in comparison to what BoB’s been going through in the cover of darkness.

And soon we shall all be able to meet the Tiny Little Human who has been turning themselves from a microscopic thing with a tail, to a proper little dude (or dudette). I’m almost sick with anticipation… and fear.

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