Papercuts on my brain

I currently live in a state of unrest.  A war is raging in this house between The Boxed and The Un-Boxed items.  And now that we are going with these shippers who do the boxing for you, we are in a dangerous state of limbo.   All not helped massively by the horrid real estate processed of England.

Our house is ‘sold’.  For the 3rd time now.  Same buyer, but still no completion date.  How do people ever successfully move like this?  Do you live with all of your possession in boxes until someone says “GO!” and then you find a truck, pack it and get out by noon?!   Are we the only people to have sold their house who have two children?  Who need to cancel pre-scool places with 2 weeks notice, cancel utilities for the right date, or sell a car without leaving us transportationless?!

And how about when you say you are going to buy a house, know beforehand whether you can afford to progress with that sale.  Don’t just say it because it seemed like a good idea that day, but 3 weeks later you wake up and say “nah, forget it”.  I don’t know who you are, but I hope karma does.  Asshole.  Or in this case, plural.

In the meantime we are still wrestling with the Travel Insurance people over our cancelled flight LAST AUGUST.  We are still waiting on an appointment with the Infectious Disease Pediatric Specialist to figure out when she is going to see Amy and wondering when we are supposed to book flights.  The day before we leave?!

As though this has not made me emotionally volatile as it is, I’m sick AGAIN.  Since Noah’s birth I have rarely developed a full on cold and now two in the space of a month.  My finger tips look like I have been wrestling with a shark and my brain feels like it has.  And I found another grey eyebrow.

Not all is bad though.  Just when I am feeling my lowest, I can whisper in Noah’s ear and then turn my from upside down when he looks at Lee and says “Daddy smells like stinky socks”.

3 Responses to “Papercuts on my brain”
  1. Robin says:

    Aww.. Kirsten, you are still making me laugh but I’m feeling your pain for sure. So sorry you are sick, again… so sorry about all these house woes, and I just hope it all gets settled, soon. I’m hoping once you & Lee have the “house” $$$ in your hot little hands, YOU two can start calling the shots! Get better and keep blogging! xo

  2. Cathy says:

    I love when we can get our little ones to say funny things about their daddies! We don’t like the England real estate system either – can’t wait for news of when we are going to see all your faces! xo

  3. Alex says:

    Grey eyebrow hairs?! Pull it out! Pull it out!!…Todd’s got those too and on his chest…I just have them in my head…

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