The Joke Is Getting Old

Lee and I have had the most productive weekend that we’ve had in months. We’ve gone DIY mad, hit up a lot of shops to help complete the preparation for BoB’s arrival, took down the Christmas tree, did laundry and built BoB’s swing.

We are exhausted.  Exhausted but happy to have accomplished enough to be able to relax a little bit.  Sure, there is a lot more to go, but should BoB appear out of the blue any day, we’ll be alright.

Today we bought all of BoB’s bathing essentials, grooming accessories, snot remover (or nasal aspirator), medicine soother thing, towels, bottle steriliser.  We also checked off a lot of items required for The Dreaded Hospital Bag.  We think we may have gone a bit overboard on the Bridget Jones underwear, but at least they have provided some amusement.   We also bought blinds and curtains for the nursery, a little stand to hold the monitor and house some of the toys (the clothes will still have to remain in the spare room ..other than a few things we can put in baskets on the “dresser”), and picture frames for the nursery walls which will now await photos being taken by our very own commissioned photographer – my mother.

Of course, not everything could go smoothly. After all, I am involved in this process.  After taking down the Christmas tree and setting up the swing (I wish I could fit in it!) I decided to unpack the sterliser to have a look.  I put it all together and then asked Lee if he could see the plug anywhere.  After scratching our heads and double checking the instructions to make sure that the ELECTRIC steam steriliser came with a plug, we realised… we were scammed again.   There was no plug in the box.   Now Lee is going to return it tomorrow and hopefully there will be another steamer …that has a plug!

So far the items we’ve bought or had purchased for us that were used or missing something are:

1) Set of 3 sleepers from Mothercare: supposedly in “Newborn: up to 10lbs”, yet one out of the three was “Tiny Baby: up to 7.5lbs”.

2) Sleep positioner from Toys R Us (Canada): When I opened it I noticed that there was a hair but tried to rationalise that perhaps the person who packed it lost a hair on it.  Then my aunt noticed it looked used.  When switched for another it was also apparent that the new ones are completely white..not “cream”.

3) Tommee Tippee Electric Steam Sterliser from Mothercare: No PLUG!

Plus, we almost purchased a cheapy pack of ASDA underwear for the hospital before I realised that someone had stolen ONE of the pairs in the pack.  Who the hell steals one pair of underwear!? And if you’re going to steal ONE pair of underwear, why did you go for the cheap ones?!!??!

There was some good news though.  Our neighbour was chatting with us when we got home and told me that I don’t look all that big for someone that is due next month.  Awesome.  Sure, he doesn’t really interact with pregnant women and he may well be on painkillers for a broken foot, but I’ll take it where I can get it these days!

And now I cannot stop wondering how there can be a single pair of underwear.  It is one item… argh.  I think I need some sleep.

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