And then there were 5. Almost.

Today is Friday.  For another 8 whole minutes.  After which, it will be Saturday.  And?  And this means that I will have another day of people asking where this baby is, when is this baby coming, have I forgotten to spread the news, when am I being induced…..




I like to think that I am a pretty affable pregnant person.  At least to strangers.  I don’t mind people touching my belly or giving me their thoughts on what I am having because of the way I waddle or whether my bump is neat or wide or my nose is 7 times larger than when I started this journey.  I get it. People like babies that are not theirs.  Trust me, I totally understand.  Not that I am a foreign belly toucher, but I am alright with those that enjoy such weirdness.

What pushes my hormone filled, baby growing body over the edge (if you ask Lee, he’ll tell you the answer is everything) is when you hit the Due Date and the questions start flying at you.  You can’t call anyone, you can’t alter your online habits, you can’t not notice a BBM for fear of setting off a mini panic.  People want to know WHEN and they want answers NOW.

Trust me; it would be pretty convenient for us to have answers too.  But we don’t.  When we do, it will be all over Twitter and Facebook, your phones and email.  I’ll even throw the news up on G+ for the 3 1/2 of you that ever use it.  And until then, I am over answering the questions.

I need to use that energy to pay attention to the two toddlers that don’t understand just how exhausted I am and still want Mommy to be playing trains on the basement floor or pretending to be a baby forcing a smile as a not quite 3 year old slams a hard plastic bottle full of what looks like Glucose Test Orange Drink into your teeth repeatedly.  Even if these are the same tiny humans who fall over themselves laughing when I try and lift myself off of the deck after a bubble blowing session.

It is Crazy Time around here right now and it is only going to get crazier.  This baby cannot stay inside forever, so there is no need to panic or worry.  S/he will be out soon.  And let’s be honest, they aren’t going to be cute for at least a few days, so if i did somehow forget to update the world, by the time I remembered the baby can only be that much better looking.


(And no, this post has no photos like I had promised. And yes, I know I missed Noah’s birthday update.  and of course I have way more to write about and haven’t.  I will – to all of it.  Maybe tomorrow)

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