Off to La La Land

Today Lee drove me to the village of Tring to collect on part of my Christmas Present – A pregnancy massage and facial.  I was a bit nervous, never having had a facial and having uber sensitive skin… and having a string of bad luck lately that made me worry that it was going to be the spa version of a chop shop.

How wrong was I.  Since climbing on to that massage table over 5 and a half hours ago I have been fighting off the need to sleep.  There were actually a few moments on the table where I caught myself about to drool onto the pillow and even did a semi-awake snore noise (more than once!).   It was amazing.

As I told Lee afterwards, if there was a way I could figure out when BoB was going to arrive, I’d spend the 2 hours before labour getting this massage done again.  Other than my belly, which is ruled by BoB and means it is not allowed to relax unless he/she wants to, my entire body feels like Jell-O.  My skin is super smooth from the Vitamin E/Coconut Oil mixture that they used to massage me with and my face cleansed and as smooth as BoB’s butt will be!

All of these months I’ve struggled to fall asleep and no method really worked… other than the Ovaltine right before bed, which didn’t last long because my brain started to outsmart the warm malted drink.   Now, I’ve just got to hire a live in masseuse to wind me down at the end of the day.  I wonder if there is an unknown pregnancy massage school around here that is looking for women about to give birth that are in need of constant massages.  Of not, there should be!

One of the best parts of the day, was getting my toes painted.    I realise no one will actually be looking at them during the labour and delivery portion of the BoB Arrival Show, but I can pretend that they are.  And at least in that moment of delusion I’ll know that they look good!  And yes, I’ve seen them!  I got to lie down on the massage table whilst I was getting the pedicure and they raised the back up so I was almost sitting which mean I could see some of my toes.

So thank you, Lee!!  This is by far the least stressed that I’ve been in the past 36 weeks and tomorrow…. tomorrow I get to “sleep in”.  Which just means not having to stay out of bed when I am rudely torn from my slumber at 6am to do the World’s Smallest Wee.   I might even have a BIG DAY OUT and go to Mothercare to find a bathing suit for the Aqua Natal Class I might attend on Tuesday morning (bathing suit dependant).    Oh, and clean the house.  And watch daytime television and have an afternoon nap.

This “retirement” thing is looking good.  Let’s hope BoB allows me to enjoy at least a week of it.

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