Black and White ..err Pink

I have returned from the dead.  At least that is how I was feeling, and kind of still am.  Over the past 24 hours I have learnt that being 7.5 months pregnant with gastroenteritis style issues is nothing compared to being 8.5 months pregnant with the same ones.

This week has been another one of ups and downs.  I started the nesting thing and things I’ve been meaning to do for ages actually got done.  It was great.  Leaving the house wasn’t high on my agenda if I didn’t have to go which has been good because it means that I don’t really shop for anything… anything that I cannot get online.  This week I’ve placed three online orders.  That is more than I placed in all of 2007.  Though to be fair, they were not spur of the moment purchases and they were thought through, so BoB has not actually aided in my Need To Shop, but added a whole new Let’s Stop And Think About This aspect that I never had before.  We now have our Moby Wrap (which Lee can tie a whole lot better than I can, though a non massive tummy seems to help), and some books for the First Year; Lee’s is awesome, mine is … a bookend now.  The third delivery is due to arrive on Tuesday… MY GLIDER! Woo Hoo!!

With the arrival of the glider, the nursery will be complete.  Well, as complete as you get without a baby in it.  The photos are in their frames just waiting to be hung.  A task we were going to do today, but my sudden addition to the Disabled List meant that things had to slow down.  That’s okay, because I am happy just looking at the photos in their frames at the moment, and until I can nap in the glider and admire the art work, there is no one to look at them on the walls.

This week we also went and met the consultant and the midwife at The Horton. The consultant made us a bit nervous at first because he didn’t seem to be the friendliest man in the world when he was calling people, but once inside his office everything was alright.  He took a look at the results of BoB’s Growth Scan and has requested that we have another one on the 14th to check on BoB’s growth as Milton Keynes General didn’t bother guesstimating the weight at the scan from two weeks ago.  We’re crossing our fingers that BoB will be under 4kg at the next scan because that seems to be some magic number that he is going to be looking out for.  Though when this child moves, it is hard to believe that he/she might be anything less than 15 pounds.  Especially when that lovely bang on average head of his/hers decides to headbutt my cervix.

The midwife was also nice and answered a lot of questions for us.  She offered to take over my care as I’ll be delivering there and I hadn’t been given another midwife appointment with my regular midwife.  She also explained more in detail what the growth scan will be looking for which boiled down to: Is BoB Just A Porker or Is The Belly Outgrowing  The Rest For Some Reason.  To be honest, I thought that it would scare me to hear that there was any alternative to BoB just being a a fatty, but she was pretty calm about it and didn’t seem panicked at all.

In fact, everyone we’ve dealt with at that hospital has been great.  When booking our next (and last!) ultrasound and consultant appointment with the receptionist, even she was really nice to us.  And honest.  She booked it for the 14th and said “we’ll see you then, if not before”.  To be honest, as realistic as that is, I hope that BoB doesn’t arrive before then.  I’m still getting the house, and my head prepared for this.

You’d think that I’ve had a LOT of time to wrap my head around this, but there was that bit where I was loopy and spent my time thinking about everything else other than what was happening. Plus, BoB is due to be here in 16 days.  SIXTEEN… one six… as in Trevor Linden’s jersey number… How did this happen?… Where did time go!?

Before that ultrasound I have another appointment…at my house!  Carrie my midwife from the start of this pregnancy is going to be doing a homevisit on Friday because I cannot fit in to the schedule at the GP’s office.  And what is my biggest fear!? I have no idea how to make coffee or tea.  I should have paid attention to when Jay was trying to teach me or when my team at work was trying to force me to drink caffeine beverages so that I could be the Coffee/Tea Wench.  Maybe it will work out that she has an allergy to caffeine and will be happy with some 7 Up or water or juice.

Right, anyway, I think lack of sleep is making me loopy and far more babble prone than usual, so I will throw up some photos taken tonight to show that this little dude/dudette is continuing to grow and grow even though he/she may be big enough already!

Please excuse how I look, but there is only so much I can do to cover the amount of sick I’ve been feeling.

Please also note that the pink photo was taken about 20 minutes before the black photo.  Upon reviewing the results of these photos, I have decided that I shall wear nothing but black for the rest of my life!!!

BoB and I at 37weeks 5days:

Big Pink

Front On 37w5d

BoB's House - Left Side

BoB's House - Right Side

Some babies look like they are drowning in newborn sized diapers.  I put the diaper up against BoB’s bum and was suddenly relieved that we have stockpiled on the tiny diapers!

Covering BoB's Butt

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