A Whole New World..

..or at least nursery.

And okay, not a whole “new” one, but an almost complete one which has required furniture moving and a little more of the DIY from Lee (with nothing but loving guidance and annoying questions from me).

All that remains to be done, is for three frames to be put up on the wall over the crib (cotbed).

It is getting so close!! If I weren’t scared £$&%less I’d be over excited!!

No matter how real this is becoming, it is hard to believe that within a few weeks or less there will actually be a little baby in this house who will be soothed in the new glider, wear the diapers (nappies) in the basket on the dresser and actually still be there in the morning when we wake up.  The reality is almost overwhelming.  Actually, scratch the almost. It IS overwhelming.

Anyway, before I’m overcome with hormone driven emotional craziness, here are the photos!

The new arrangement of furniture (yes we are going to clear off the window sill!)

Final Destination

The Very Comfy – and Sponge Cleanable – Glider

Rock-a-bye Baby

BoB’s Artwork – thanks to Lee, My Momma and some people online (my contributions are in the set that aren’t up!)

Caribbean Breeze

And no nursery of my child, boy or girl, could be complete without these….

Canucks VS Leafs

Yes, that is a towel rack that we’ve turned into a “wall-less wardrobe”. It is a heck of a lot cheaper and fits in the room!!

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