Where In The World…

…Is This Baby?!

I can say with certainty that the past 5 days have felt longer than the 40 weeks leading up to them.

Especially when you’re carrying THIS around:


That was last Sunday.  I was not overdue then.  I am now.  I am also even bigger than I was then.  I’ve got a baby’s head pressing down in a place that doesn’t really enjoy the feeling.  Around three times a day, contractions start and as soon as we think “okay, here we go…”, they disappear.  The only way I can describe it is frustrating.  Sometimes I just break down and cry, other times I can’t help but laugh.  I was silly when I fell for everyone saying that BoB was going to arrive early.  I allowed myself to get excited to finally meet my little daughter or son.  And every night when I go to sleep now and wake up still unable to walk like a normal person with no end in sight, I am just crushed.  Over and over.

It doesn’t help that as tired as I am, sleep is not that easy to come by because rolling over means putting my body through a lot of pain.  Getting out of the bed to pee 3+ times a night is even worse.  Everyone keeps telling me that it will be worth it whenever BoB finally arrives, but it is getting really hard to look at the positives anymore.

Randy is somewhere in England at the moment, so hopefully this baby will stop waiting for the big arrival.  Everyone is here that is coming and yeah okay, it might be warm and comfy on the inside, but it’s only comfy for one of us…and that is not me.

What this baby doesn’t realise is that the longer he or she waits,  the chances of me getting sad increase and I need all of the energy I can to get this little fatty out.  He/She has no idea how hard it is to try and keep focused and positive and it scares me that all of the work I’ve put into this will just disappear if I keep on waiting longer and longer.

Plus, I’ve seen my insides before…and they’re far less attractive than my outside.  It’s true, I’ve got it on video!

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  1. Amelia says:

    Hey Lee, Kirsten and Bob, reading the blog with alot of anticipation for you guys!! Our second bubba was overdue too and its sooo frustrating, kirsten keep going its all worth it. I am sure bob will arrive soon enough – never a comfort to hear when you are over due though, can’t wait to see the news of a little mini brotherstone, hope he/she isn’t too geeky likes its dad lee!!! wishing you lots of luck, its an amazing time when you have your first baby, suck all the love and attention thats coming your way!!! maisie xxx

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